GIFGROND is an independent podium for outlaw music. Independent meaning not being supported by any institution. The performing artists are supported by Gifgrond visitors.


GIFGROND is a way of sharing and celebrating the Different, non pretentious, genuine, marginalised, self made, self organised, independent, non conformist ideas of music.

GIFGROND aims at electronics in combination with analog music and thinks live performance to be of great importance.

Every GIFGROND shows 3 live acts. Important is the atmosphere and intimate character of the GIFGROND events.

GIFGROND's atmosphere is toxic. That's why we serve toxic drinks that light up your heart and soul!

GIFGROND is held every 6-8 weeks on a Saturday evening when we party till the morning. Check this website or our Facebook for details.

GIFGROND's location is a former metal workshop, a 5 minutes walk from Tilburg central station. For details check 'location''.

GIFGROND raised its flag in 2007 and is not stopping yet!

(GIFGROND celebrates its 10th aniversary this year!)


next Gifgrond Sunday July 9...






please mail us at: info@gifgrond.nl

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